Footprints on the Land – How Humans Changed New Zealand by Richard Wolfe

Richard Wolfe eloquently summarises this book’s scope in his Introduction:
For upwards of 800 years, humans have made New Zealand their home, modifying the landscape to suit their needs. Although there can be no going back to the land’s original pristine condition, an awareness of the history of these changes will provide both a background and surely improve understanding of our present circumstances and challenges.

Footprints on the Land tracks those changes — from early settlement and wars through to state building, with railways, species introductions, milling, mining and farming. Later chapters recount the impacts of urbanisation, draining and flooding, and the car, before considering the threats and opportunities that now face New Zealanders as a result.

Wolfe’s timely tour of the human place on these islands is distinguished by art and photography that display what we’ve created and what we’ve lost.

Reading Age: 14 years to adult

RRP: Paperback NZ$45.00

Published in NZ by Oratia Books

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