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10 Reasons to join our Website and Newsletter:

1) Due to government grant increases schools can now spend $3.4 billion annually on Products & Services.

2) School managers and teachers constantly searching on the net for new resources for both their professional and personal needs.

3) or aka receives over 500,000 hits per month or 5 million+ hits per year.

4) Tomorrow’s Schools Today is a well-established resource and weekly news site. We have  promoted our twice-weekly e-newsletters directly into schools since 2003, sending out headlines links on international, national and regional news on what is happening in schools and education together with sponsors’ messages.

5) We also provide lifestyle news through The Staffroom Magazine (est. 2005) and a Book Reviews Section (est. 2004) which, in addition to our Weekly News, are all part of Tomorrow’s Schools Today website. The headlines of these publications are promoted on our e-newsletters along with sponsors messages.

6) Schools purchase or make bookings from businesses that advertise to them as specialists in supplying to schools, so being on TSTNZ automatically indicates this fact.

7) As a complementary service our team creates and completes all the artwork and design as part of your package.

8) You can update your advertising on our site as often as you like during the booked period at no extra charge.

9) There is no other way to reach the school market as efficiently and effectively.

10) 2500+ schools in New Zealand – 98.2% of them use our website. How many schools would you need to sell to warrant the price of one of our reasonably priced packages? View

On-line advertising is significantly cheaper and more effective than traditional advertising such as print, radio, newspapers etc. Our packages include consistent advertising for up to 12 months and because we specialise in education we give you direct marketing, promoting your business to it’s fullest potential allowing you to tap into the education sector creating huge potential for new and ongoing business.

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Thank-you for taking time to read through this, we look forward to you coming on board with us together with the fast-growing number of resource suppliers who are experiencing growth from the school sector by using Tomorrow’s Schools Today.

Tomorrow’s Schools Today (TSTNZ) is New Zealand’s leading independent website for education providers. Since our inception in 2003 we have grown into a trusted source for news and product information for teachers, principals, boards of trustees and other readers. Our readers know about all that is fresh and new on our website through our twice-weekly emailed newsletters.
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Although we are aimed at education providers, our content is not just for school life. We recognise that our readers lead lives outside the classroom so we offer articles and advertising for their lifestyle, too. We know our market well, and it is because of this lifestyle content that we are so popular. Educators can visit our site not only to find the latest advances in educational techniques, products and services but also to find out what they can do on the weekend, where they can go for a relaxing holiday or even what wine will go with their dinner.

If you want to reach this lucrative market of consumers, it pays to advertise in a place that they notice, will read regularly and keep returning to. TSTNZ is one of those places with easy access to all that our large and loyal audience needs, such as news, resources and directories of school supplies.

Because we do not sell products or services ourselves, teachers, principals and subscribers know they can happily browse around our site without obligation and find details on a product or service without pressure. Our Product and Service Directory makes it easy to quickly find a product or service that principals and managers need and we are a separate teaching resources directory just for teachers.

Our innovative Quick Shop School Mall is a fun way to look for a product or service by where in the school it is located. It enables you to place your company logo in any place or room where your product might be found. Your logo can then be linked to your website or a page on TSTNZ containing information about your business aimed directly at the school market.

We all enjoy Competitions. This page is very popular with our readers. If you are prepared to offer something extra for teachers or prizes, you can gain extra exposure on our Competitions page and be assured that our readers will be taking notice.

Unlike most print media, when you advertise with us, we know your advertisement will be successful. As it is a website we can measure hits for each page and know that each page is viewed. We have more than five million hits per year.

Our twice-weekly newsletter makes TSTNZ more than a website.

A static website can be forgotten about. You need something to let people know you are there and remind people you are there. You also need something for them to keep coming back.

Every week TSTNZ sends two individual emailed newsletters directly into 98% of New Zealand’s school offices. It also goes to individual subscribers and businesses associated with this industry. These e-news emails are reminders to look at the site and contains the weekly news headlines. To read the news stories in full, teachers are then hyperlinked to our website. Our e-newsletters also feature competitions and regular advertising features. It is a wonderful high-visibility place for your company to be seen.

We send emailed newsletters to more than 7500 consumers twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), but because they like the relevant articles and competitions, they can then forward it onto the rest of the school staff and associates. If your advert is on this newsletter, these people will notice you as well and will be tempted to buy.

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