FAQs answered about the main pages on Tomorrow’s Schools Today (www.tstnz.com) and newsletter

What is the mission of Homepage and all the other main pages?

On the homepage you can see and enter freely any of our entertaining and regularly-updated weekly news, magazine or resource pages via either the descriptive icons or the main menu buttons leading to the following sub-menu buttons on all www.tstnz.com’s pages.

Also leads to the ADVERTISE button which as well as our company details this leads to a comprehensive sub menu of the following:

  1. Testimonials from advertisers and schools.
  2. How to Advertise menu as per these pages you are currently viewing.

The NEWS, MAGAZINE and HEALTH buttons link to contents pages with intros and links to articles in our publications. These intros are also displayed on Home Page and on our newsletters.

The NEWS button also links to the sub-menu containing:

  1. Weekly News: Our weekly News features the latest informative and varied educational news articles. The headlines are emailed to all schools on the headlines news bulletin every Tuesday and Thursday during term time.
  2. Opinion: Each week we feature thoughts from teachers and educators on topical issues.
  3. Submit News/Opinion This is a facility for media outlets or clients to directly submit an article to our editor for publication.

The Magazine button links to the sub-menu:

  1. Staffroom Magazine

The Staffroom Magazine page contains highly-relevant, thought-provoking and informative editorial. It promotes product awareness with the global theme of education and publishes comments from professionals, politicians, parents, researchers and students. A great place to publish an advertorial complete with photographs and links.

The Staffroom Magazine is also filled with lifestyle tips especially pertinent to a teacher’s day-to-day life. Clothing, food, health and leisure products and services can be successfully exhibited here.

Readers link from e-newsletter or homepage via front cover image or headline of choice or simply use the main publications button on the menu on all pages of www.tstnz.com

      b. Submit Articles: This is a facility for media outlets or clients to directly submit an article to our editor for publication.

The HEALTH button links to the sub-menu:

  1. The ALL NEW VITALITY Magazine filled with information pertinent to both the health and emotional well-being of teachers, students and parents.

The Newsletter button links to a sub-menu containing:

Latest Newsletter page This page always displays the latest issue of our twice-weekly e-newsletter that is sent out via email to 98% of all schools in New Zealand which provides schools with the latest news and happenings in the education sector. This links back to our website which in turn receives over 500,000+ hits per month during the school year.

PRODUCTS 4 SCHOOLS BUTTON is linked to a sub menu containing the following:

  1. The A – Z Directory Page

Here you will find a comprehensive directory of educational suppliers of products and services. All listings have 10 lines under suitable categories for each advertiser and are hyperlinked to any material requested by the advertiser. As a rule, it is a direct link to an advertiser’s website or an application for more information form.

b. The Quick Shop School Mall

This is a bird’s-eye view of a school. For instance, click onto the playground or any classroom and you will find products and services relating to this area. It is a shopping mall with links via the logos to advertisers’ websites or cameo pages for all who enter. So if as an advertiser, you provide a product/service you wish to promote into several ‘rooms’, this is the ideal place to endorse it.

SCHOOLS button goes to a sub-menu containing:

School Links  contains Google Maps showing the location of all the Nations’ schools.

Relief Teachers Register –  A useful tool for principals to find relief teachers when they are temporarily short-staffed.

Register 4 Free – A free facility for teachers looking for work.

What is the COMPETITIONS section?

Exactly what it says, a page giving opportunities for teachers and students to enter competitions to win wonderful prizes.

A favourite with all our viewers, the Competitions’ page is a wonderful place to stage a product campaign and draw attention to the competitions and giveaways on your company’s website. An eye-catching image on the homepage and e-newsletter draws you into this page. Plus, standard button links to it are on every main www.tstnz.com page making it easy to enter any and all of TSTNZ’s competitions which we are happy to put together for you, the client, including receiving the entries for you and forwarding them on.

SCHOOL TRIPS links to a sub-menu of:

  1. LEOTC Direct Links Map    
  2. EOTC Providers Advertorials

This section is one of the most popular for sourcing the next Learning Experience Outside the Classroom (LEOTC) or Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) for a group of students.

  1. LEOTC Direct links on NZ Map page is accessible by the main menu button LEOTC and the innovative school-trips RED bus image and link on homepage plus newsletters featuring EOTC and Group Accommodation and in the bus in Quick Shop School Mall car park. This page is one of the most popular places for sourcing the next Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) experience for a class or group of students. Everything from school-camp grounds and adventure sports to museums and harbour cruises are cleverly advertised here via logo links on the seats of regional buses for ease of sourcing.
  2. Click on the EOTC Providers link and you will find advertorials and links to all of the following:

1) Group Accommodation displaying information on holiday parks and conference centres plus other accommodation centres which focus on providing facilities for schools, clubs and groups of teachers.

2) Daytrips – Advertorials on everything from adventure sports to museums and harbour cruises that can all be accomplished in one day.

3) Outdoor Pursuits Centres or School Camps providers who offer multi-day educational programmes together with accommodation.

Places of accommodation adjacent to bush walks, beaches and heritage spots that will appeal to the teacher market both in quality and price. After all many teachers go away for a much needed holiday during every end-of-term break.

The Book Reviews section links to a sub-menu:

Latest Releases – Updated fortnightly, posted here is information on new books both fiction and non-fiction for adult reading and especially for the school library.

Book Reviews Library – Where information all current and previous books displayed on the new releases page is stored.

What is a Special Feature Advertiser’s Page?

If an advertiser has neither a website or is unable to post a current promotion on their own website or needs to separate information for the school market then the TSTNZ team can design a separate webpage or an advertorial on one of our editorial pages where these points can be featured complete with links to wherever necessary.

Who are the Advertisers?

All providers of services/products/teaching resources used in all schools and other educational facilities.

To discuss your own company’s advertising and promotional needs please contact our sales team.