Where should your business be displayed on TSTNZ’s newsletters and website?

We will provide an advertising package designed for your company for a minimal cost!

We know that not every company is the same and everyone’s advertising requirements are different. That is why we can offer your company many different advertising options. We are confident that we will have an advertising option that will suit your business. You will find that we have very competitive prices and we offer the best opportunity for your company to reach teachers, educators or decision makers in New Zealand’s education sector.

Please note all headers below are linked to the individual pages so you can see each page and placement spots.

A-Z Directory of Teaching Resources plus Products & Services for School Buildings & Outdoor Areas.

If your product or service is likely to be used by teachers or schools and you want your company to be found easily, the first place you should consider is our comprehensive directory the A-Z of Products and Services for NZ schools.

On each individual category page, there is a choice of nationwide or regional and then with the exception of header banners and priority advertising, each company is then listed in alphabetical order.

You will be able to use up to 10 lines of contact details and information for each listing you purchase. This will enable you to put your company’s name, motto, all contact details and up to an 100-word business description in the listing.

FREE Listings!

All advertising packages purchased are supplied with a minimum of 6 x 10 line category listings FREE!

Advertising Banners and Articles published for your company in The Staffroom Magazine

If your company offers a lifestyle product or service, why not consider an editorial in the Staffroom Lifestyle Magazine for teachers. Your advertisement will generally appear there for a minimum of five weeks, but can be booked for longer periods.

Be in early and we will even find an appropriate story for your advertising to be located by. With all bookings we provide FREE space for an article of your own. The Staffroom Magazine contains everything from Travel to Gardening and Food, plus lots more. If you have a lifestyle product or service, we are sure we can find a place for you.

If you offer a product or service that schools will be interested in, then the Staffroom Magazine is the perfect environment for you to advertise.

Latest Book Reviews

This is the place where teachers and librarians can read reviews on latest books for their school libraries, so if you have a product that is most often found in the school library then this is a good spot for your advertisement.

Top positions in the Weekly News, Competitions page and  Homepage  

If you want a prominent and highly-visible advertisement at competitive rates, then the Weekly News page is the place for your company. The Weekly News page is completely updated every week and is the single most viewed page inside the TSTNZ website apart from the home page. Contact our friendly advertising team for competitive rates. Please use the pricing schedule tab to see examples of packages and prices though we are always happy to personalise a package for a client.

Tomorrow’s Schools Today newsletter mail-outs.

Sent out weekly alternately featuring the headlines and lead-ins for the editorial sections, The Weekly News, Competitions, The Staffroom Magazine and latest book releases placement on the E-newsletter is a must for all advertisers.

It is wise to book ahead for a spot on the e-newsletter as space is limited.

Our newsletter advertising features are on a four week roster:

1) School Buildings & Grounds Suppliers, IT/AV, Performance Theatre & School Furniture Supplies, Promotional Products & Fundraising

2) Classroom and Curriculum Resources, Professional & Personal Development, Conferences & Careers plus ITOs

3) Daytrips, LEOTC and EOTC

4) Camps and Accommodation plus multi-day adventures.

 Contact us by phone or email for personalised pricing options, deadlines and publishing dates.

Email: salesmanager@tstnz.com 

Phone: 03 366 0500