Who are our readers?

In general, they are the educators of our children. They are middle class, from around the country and have a healthy disposable income, which they will spend on fashion, holidays, entertainment, their families, their house and car. Basically it is what we all spend our money on, but we also know they have more holidays, enjoy the environment, are more likely to frequent café’s and wine bars and be involved in sport.

We also go to those responsible for purchasing school supplies. These are everything from library books and computers to tea, coffee, toilet paper and petrol. They are keen to know of products that will make their lives easier, are interested in quality but also where they can get a good deal with a trusted company. If you advertise on TSTNZ, they know that your products will also be bought by other schools and, therefore, are a name they can trust.

At TSTNZ we encourage those who make the decisions in the school to visit our site by providing weekly news that affects them.

The Staffroom Magazine is even more targeted at those who make decisions in a school, and comes out monthly. It provides stories on student health issues, management issues, innovative new teaching, and much more.

Every week in the school year, TSTNZ will be seen by decision makers in 98% of New Zealand schools. Our constantly-changing content is the reason why they keep returning. TSTNZ remains the best source for educational news in New Zealand. We have regular competitions, lifestyle features and of course the Virtual School Mall – the most fun way of searching for products and services for New Zealand schools.

Weekly Newsletter

Each week of the school year during term-time we send out an emailed newsletter that goes directly to over 7000 New Zealand consumers and over 98% of all schools in New Zealand. This bulletin carries the week’s news headlines and monthly magazine content so it is a popular read that people look out for in their inbox. It also contains short product and service advertisements and competitions complete with links.

To find out more about the weekly newsletter and how you can advertise on both our newsletter and website please contact us

Now you know about us and our readership, why not see what we can offer your company. TSTNZ has many advertising options at competitive rates. We are sure we have an option to suit your business.