In News: Why we quit – teachers explain.

How to support parents or caregivers in sensitive situations.   

The Staffroom Magazine: HEALTH – More awareness needed of melanomas that look like pimples. 

Campus and Corporate Clothing for all school and sports team uniforms.

Book Picks: Francesca’s Italian Kitchen by Francesca Voza by James Stapley.

OCEAN by Sarah Ell. Epic and engrossing, Ocean is a dynamic portrait of New Zealand and the sea.


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5th February 2019

 5th February 2019 
Why we quit – teachers explain. 

Surveys* of teachers and principals who quit the profession in 2018 show they left mainly due to a lack of work/life balance and burnout from high workload. The survey respondents included 169 primary and 201 secondary teachers and principals. Read More...


Back to school and asthma attacks – the unseen danger.
Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ has issued a warning to asthma sufferers about the increased risk of severe asthma flare-ups when heading back to school. Read more...

Corrections kicks off ‘Kick for the Seagulls’ programme.

A programme developed by rugby league legend Graham Lowe that uses sporting language to teach prisoners reading, writing and maths is being rolled out to five prisons this year, following successful trials at two prisons. Read More

How to support parents or caregivers in sensitive situations.

Trustees organisation supports discussion on how to support parents or caregivers in sensitive situations.

Jude Barback’s article (Education Central, 16 Jan) has raised a considerable range of challenges on the interactions across the education system and the roles of parents, teachers, principals, boards, the Ministry and other agencies.

Her painful account of the long-held concerns over serious incidents, some of which took place 10 or 20 years earlier, is a powerful reminder of further improvements we all seek. Read More...


Teacher supply update.

Ellen MacGregor-Reid, Deputy Secretary Early Learning and Student Achievement, Ministry of Education, says in 2018 teacher demand and supply planning tool projections showed that if there was no additional intervention, we would need up to 850 additional teachers during 2019 to join our 70,000 strong teacher workforce. Read More...


2018 - 2019 book releases.
  Francesca’s Italian Kitchen by Francesca Voza by James Stapley.

Heartland Italian cooking from a much-loved South Island group of restaurants.

Francesca’s Italian Kitchen is a popular South Island restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine. This cookbook presents Francesca’s popular pasta, pizza and traditional Italian dishes and desserts adapted for the home kitchen and using local NZ ingredients.
OCEAN by Sarah Ell.
Epic and engrossing, Ocean is a dynamic portrait of New Zealand and the sea.

Lying in the middle of a vast ocean, Aotearoa New Zealand was the last habitable land mass in the world to be settled by humans. Our history represents the powerful coming-together of two great seafaring traditions, Polynesian and European. Read More...

Looking for temporary teaching work that may lead to a permanent full or part-time job?

TSTNZ provides a 
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Principals looking for Staff
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Current Edition.

TEACHING MATHEMATICS – Effective Rich Tasks for Classroom Teachers.

A recent professional development session on worthwhile tasks that I attended[1] struck me as a basis from which to organise some thoughts on best practices in teaching mathematics. Much talk stems around “rich tasks,” but what does that term mean? In the book, Adding It Up: Helping Students Learn Mathematics[2] by the National Research Council, the authors offer these three criteria: Read More ...



HEALTH and SAFETY – Experts call for regulation as trampoline injuries soar.

Experts are calling for the introduction of mandatory safety standards for the trampoline industry as new ACC figures show more than 58,000 claims resulting from trampoline use over the past five years.

According to the ACC data, more than 1000 accidents requiring medical attention occur every month in New Zealand. Children and teenagers are most at risk with more than three quarters (78%) of injuries occurring among those aged 14 or below. Read More ...



LIFESTYLE – Healthy snacking a New Year Resolution for ALL!

Healthy snacks are important for growing children and busy teens, helping them perform better in the classroom, on the sports field and while participating in extra-curricular activities.

Making the right food choices between meals will help provide essential nutrients for growth, boost energy levels and enhance concentration. It will also help them feel satisfied until lunch or dinner rolls around. Read More...



EDUCATION – Secondary principals struggling with dire teacher shortage.

A survey of secondary principals highlights worsening teacher shortages leading into the first term of 2019.
Shortages are most severe in Auckland but are keenly felt in all major metropolitan areas and affect schools right across the country.
Secondary Principals’ Council chair James Morris says, “The last survey we did was released in May, and I was extremely concerned then about the scope of the shortages. They are worse now

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HEALTH – More awareness needed of melanomas that look like pimples.

An Australian melanoma expert says New Zealanders and their doctors need to be more aware that some of the most aggressive and deadly melanomas look like persistent pimples or blood blisters.

In Victoria, over a 20-year period, these aggressive melanomas accounted for nearly half of all skin cancer-related deaths, but only 13.5 percent of melanomas. Read More...




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