Celebrating grandparents

New Zealand Grandparents Day is all about celebrating the grandparents of New Zealand.

Surrogate Grandparents New Zealand Charitable Trust want to put New Zealand Grandparents on the calendar and are launching New Zealand’s first Grandparents Day.

New Zealand Grandparents Day is all about celebrating the grandparents of New Zealand. Forging a day that celebrates all the joy and value that grandparents bring to the lives of Kiwi kids. Whether they be grandparents by blood, or grandparents by love, we want to celebrate them.

Sunday October 28 is a chance for families to gather together and talk, laugh and reminisce as we collectively thank the grandparents of New Zealand.

Grandparents Day has been celebrated in the US since the 1970s, but it wasn’t until 1979 that President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labour Day each year as National Grandparents Day.

Other countries have since joined in the celebration and this year, aligning with Australia, we will celebrate New Zealand’s day on October 18. National Grandparents Day aims to honour grandparents and members of our senior community as well as giving grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children’s children. We hope that it will help children be aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer.

Alongside Surrogate Grandparents, Metlifecare Retirement Villages are getting involved and will run a number of events and activities throughout their 24 villages to celebrate New Zealand Grandparents Day.

Age Concern Hamilton is also marking the Day at the Celebrating Age Centre on Friday November 2 from 10am. There will be entertainment for the whole family including games, crafts, reading, live entertainment and even a family photo fundraiser.

Jo Hayes, Founder of charity Surrogate Grandparents New Zealand and creator of New Zealand Grandparents Day recognises that not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a day-to-day relationship with their grandies. “Our organisation links older people with families to overcome loneliness and create lasting bonds. Our vision is to be the bridge that connects generations. By connecting families with surrogate grandparents and grandparents with our children; we can fight social isolation and loneliness in New Zealand” says Jo.

Jo Hayes has set up a new website www.newzealandgrandparentsday.org and is encouraging businesses and communities to get involved in the day. “We’d love to see schools and ECE providers invite their children’s grandparents into the classroom that week and do activities together. We think there would be some fabulous photos from workplaces getting involved in a ‘Dress as your Grandparents Day’. There are a number of resources on the website for further ideas and to make your event a success.

“Grandparents play such an important part in life, it has totally changed our world having adopted a granny locally for our family, so we wanted to acknowledge and thank all grandparents for the parts that they play in our lives, and those of their grandchildren New Zealand wide.”


For more information or to find an event near you, go to our www.newzealandgrandparentsday.org website or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GrandparentsDayNZ/