Principals seriously concerned about differences in funding for severe behavioural needs

Pat Newman, President of Te Tai Tokerau Principals Association, wants funding for children with severe behavioural needs reassessed.

The region that a child lives in impacts hugely on the help provided by the Ministry of Education. Pat Newman, President of Te Tai Tokerau Principals Association says that the figures he has obtained from the Ministry show the average amount allocated for Interim Relief of a child with severe behavioural needs was $993.59 over all of New Zealand.

However depending upon which region in NZ the school was, the allocation ranged from $613.85 to 1529.16 pe child, and more mystifying, a child in Te Tai Tokerau, an area that is known for massive need for such help, only receives an extra $896.17.

“How the Ministry can justify this occurring is mind boggling. Our child in Te Tai Tokerau gets only about 50% of a child in the highest paying area in NZ,” Newman says.

Now this has been brought to the notice of everyone, Te Tai Tokerau Principals is insistent that this iniquitous situation affecting our children in need detrimentally, is remedied urgently.