Health – Hold an Awesome Hair Awareness Day – A fun programme for schools that says goodbye to head lice.

Becky Cashman had enough of receiving just another head lice notice come home in her child’s lunch box. After taking the very bold step of creating a natural head lice product, she got the opportunity to get an even closer look at our culture around head lice. And, it’s not a very nice.

Head lice is as common (and annoying) as the common cold, but we don’t really talk about it.

Schools send home a notice once a term, parents are reduced to grumbles, blame, or guilt and kids are reduced to howls or tears.

We need a spokesperson who is funny and friendly.

Enter Lettuce Boy and Awesome Hair Awareness (AHA!).

Becky created Awesome Hair Awareness as a one-week teaching unit for primary schools to normalise and encourage a light-hearted conversation around head lice.

She started with a worksheet using the seeds to count how many eggs a louse lays per day. Becky and her son started laughing and drawing. Then they started making horrible rhyming couplets about head lice and created a poem about a character called Lettuce Boy who was an ambassador for having healthy hair.

Lettuce Boy takes his head lice, transforms them into lettuce seeds and plants them to grow heads of lettuce instead of head lice.

That’s when something truly shifted for Becky. She saw we could change the conversation around head lice.

If head lice is a topic around your school, you can be part of helping Lettuce Boy get into the conversation.

Awesome Hair Awareness contains administrator resources, teacher notes, a full weekly framework of daily activities with worksheets, activities and conversation.

Kids complete worksheets and take them home, which then become parent resources. The AHA week can be run any time by a class or school. It ends with Awesome Hair Day where kids get to wear a crazy hair style.

“Having a Crazy Hair Day was a great way to end the week.” – Canvastown School.

“Fun and informative. User-friendly and helpful.” – Parklands School, Motueka.

To get an AHA! for your schoolCLICK HERE

AHA includes all the digital resources and for NZ schools, seed packs and colour posters. You also have the option to add in Goodbye NITS at 50% off the retail price, making the product easily available to families. Goodbye NITS is a NATURAL certified head lice treatment and preventative.

Now is your chance to be part of something more than a head lice notice, and create an opportunity for learning, growth and better understanding for everyone.