Lifestyle: Kiwi women most likely to belt out a tune while driving

Even Mariah Carey can’t resist a singalong in the car.

Whether on a road trip or on the way to a meeting, new research for Budget New Zealand has found more than half of Kiwi women (56%) sing along to music while they’re driving.

Women are far more likely to express themselves through song than men, with only a third of males (33%) admitting to singing along to music in the car.

The consumer survey, conducted by YouGov Research for the rental car company, looked into a range of travel trends, one of which included the listening preferences of Kiwis when they are behind the wheel.

More than one million women say the radio is their go-to when listening to music in the car, and over half (56%) of the females surveyed said they love singing along. A further 53% said they prefer to just listen to music or podcasts to wind down and relax.

However, not all Kiwis are wannabe singers and avid radio listeners. The survey of more than 1000 Kiwis, found one in seven (15%) of those over 50 years old prefer to drive in silence.

Over half (56%) of Kiwi men use music and podcasts to help them relax when driving and over a quarter (28%) play music and podcasts to help make the road trip feel faster.

Just over half (52%) of Millennials said they are jamming to their own curated playlists when driving, and 23% say one of the perks to playing music in the car is staying up to date with the latest tunes. Whereas over two thirds (68%) of Kiwis aged between 50-64 years say they always have the radio on when they’re driving.

Nearly half (43%) of Kiwi women cite good technology, including the quality of the car radio, as one of the key factors they look for when renting a car, and 20% of Millennials say they look out for a rental car with an advanced sound system.