Outdoor Education – Nature experiences that move you

Social Nature Movement can arrange year round outdoor education experiences and camps for all ages – Kids ice-fishing.

At Social Nature Movement, we go beyond learning by doing and just running guided outdoor activities. We facilitate immersive natural experiences; connecting you with nature and each other in a more conscious and meaningful way.


With a huge range of land, snow and water-based New Zealand activities and nature tours, our adventures include everything you ever thought possible in more places you had ever imagined. Offering day discoveries and extended expeditions, we help people of all ages and fitness levels, so you can discover more in the ultimate playground; Mother Nature.


Taking a holistic approach to the great outdoors, we bring awareness of connections between humans and nature through physical activity. “Discover more” is our brand essence; we help you delve into the soul of a place, so you can engage on a deeper level and rediscover our intimate bond with the natural world. Every SNM outing is bigger than ourselves and the activity: we do something each time for the environment and the community. A true experience and journey you’ll never forget.

A discovery experience with us has you realising there is always more SNM leaves you wanting to come back to; that is essentially our brand.

Moving away from traditional activities, we seek out hard-to-find experiences and immersive educational journeys and bring them to you. As explorers ourselves, we know first-hand the power that human–nature synergy holds. Being at one with nature is inspiring, empowering and moving. It unlocks memorable experiences that shape us.

But the most enriching experiences aren’t solely about the destination; they’re also about the journey. We do something each time for the environment and the community, making every SNM outing bigger than ourselves and the activity.


Using the great outdoors as our classroom and playground, we offer a range of fun and safe outdoor education experiences that positively challenge and inspire youth to seek more and learn more.


Using Mother Nature as our teacher aide, we run various outdoor education programmes during term time for schools across Auckland.

Social Nature Movement helps students with the ability to make sense of information, differentiating between what is important and what is not while most importantly combing various information to make sense of one’s world.

Through place-based education and by bringing awareness to the interconnectedness of communities, culture and nature, we encourage the children to develop a deeper understanding of the world around them. And facilitate an environment that celebrates personal growth and lifelong learning.

We believe in using human-powered movement to get to places, so our outdoor learning programmes usually involve walking from school to our destination and back. And if your teaching team want to integrate specific subjects or themes into our outdoor educational experiences, we have the resources and knowledge to make this happen.

SNM offers many ‘classic’ tourism and outdoor education services, such as:

Kayaking, Tramping and Rock climbing.

Others SNM services include:

Caving, Snow caving, Mountaineering, Stand up paddle boarding (SuP), Sea kayaking, Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) award Adventurous Journeys, Star gazing tours, Pack rafting and Multisport (Coast to Coast) kayaking.

Unique to SNM and an opportunity to see innovation and industry-leading expertise in action, are our niche offerings:

Mystery Adventures (Trade Marked), Bethells Boogie (Trade Marked), Clutha Quest (Trade Marked), Glamping Bell Tent events, SUPKids (only provider in NZ), Meola Reef explorations, Whangamarino Journey and Waikato River Journey.

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