Girls Rule by Danielle Brown

50 Women Who changed The World

All over the world, female decision-makers, go-getters, and trail blazers inspire with their actions, influence with their words and get stuff done!

From fierce pirate leaders, warrior queens and spies, to pioneering mountaineers, conservationists and scientists, Girls Rule explores 50 phenomenal females whose accomplishments have left a lasting impression and legacy. Discover these amazing women some well-known, others not often explored talented in science, politics, architecture, activism, the arts, palaeontology and more!

Figures include: Rosa Parks, Mary Anning , Ruth Bader Ginsburg , George Eliot and Zaha Hadid.

Plus AUTHOR: Danielle Brown MBE is a double Paralympic gold medallist and five-time World Champion in archery. She was World Number 1 for her entire career and made history when she became the first disabled athlete to represent England in an able-bodied discipline at the Commonwealth Games. Danielle now works as a professional speaker and trainer, specializing in self-development and success skills.

Categories: Mid-Primary Books, History, Girl Power, Mini Bios of Famous Women.

Reading Age: 7 to 11 years

RRP: Hardback fully illustrated book NZ$29.99

Imprint Button Books and published in NZ by Bateman Books.

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