Healthy Kelsi Travel Kitchen by Kelsi Boocock

Plant-based recipes from around the globe

Healthy Kelsi goes global! Taste the culinary dishes of the world as Kelsi travels to exotic destinations — exploring markets, learning tips from local chefs and streetfood vendors, and indulging her passion for flavourful vegan food. Back from a foodie’s dream trip, including a stopover in London for a Diploma in Plant-based Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, Kelsi has draen from the flavours of Morocco, Egypt, Bali, Thailand, Japan and more for her latest collection of delectable plant-based recipes. This time around, Kesli’s goal is for you to not only be inspired to eat healthier, but to also get out of your comfort zone and explore what the world has to offer. Including plenty of gluten- and nut-free recipes, you’ll find dozens of wholesome wholefood dishes for every occasion that will fill you up and keep you sustained. In Healthy Kelsi’s Travel Kitchen you’ll find everything from easy morning smoothies and portable lunches to irresistable snacks and meals for leasurely weekend brunches and family dinners. Packed with sweet and savoury meals bursting with flavour, being healthy has never tasted so good.

Please note that recipes in this book that are labelled as gluten-free which contain oats are not suitable for those with coeliac disease. If you are coeliac, please consult your healthcare practitioner for advice on what is and is not safe for consumption. Coeliac New Zealand explains that the protein avenin is found in oats, and is considered gluten, so oats cannot be truly gluten free. While oats in countries like the USA can be labelled as gluten free, within New Zealand and Australia, oats cannot be labelled as such due to stricter standards. There may also be the risk of cross-contamination if the oats are processed on the same production line as other grains.

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Reading Age: Young Adult to Adult

RRP: Hardback NZ$49.99

Published in NZ by Bateman Books

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