Island Toes Tamatamaivae o Motu by Christin Lozano, Illustrator, Mariko Merritt,Translator, Suzie-Jo Rasmussen

Flipper toes, jandal toes
Swimming underwater toes …

This colourfully illustrated book takes young readers on a journey around the South Pacific — no shoes needed!

A fun celebration of the different toes we have and the adventures they get up to, from clean toes to highchair toes, tan toes to pale toes, snorkel toes to buried-in-the-sand toes.

Translated for Samoan readers by Auckland teacher Suzie-Jo Rasmussen, the New Zealand edition of this hit Hawaiian book will be a great read and read-to for everyone who loves toes and the islands!

Categories: Children’s, Bilingual Samoan.

Reading Age: 2 to 7 years
RRP: Soft-cover picture book NZ$21.00
Series: Moana Oceania and published by Oratia Books

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