Mitchell Itches by Kristin Kelly and Amelina Jones

An Ezcema Story

In a world where eczema affects up to one in five kids, Mitchell’s uplifting story resonates. Young readers will learn both how difficult it is for those who live with eczema and, if they have the condition, that there are ways to make life more bearable. Despite bullying and discomfort, Mitchell stays strong with his family and friends by his side. He even finds that playing guitar is a great distraction from the itch. But will all his practicing pay off when he tries out for the school band?

· A relatable story for the one in five children living with eczema, offering understanding and tools for
managing the condition.
· Encourages important discussions about resilience, coping with bullying, and the importance of empathy.
· Ideal for educational settings, fostering lessons on diversity, anti-bullying, and character strengths.
· A valuable addition to doctor’s and dermatologist’s waiting rooms, providing useful tips for managing

Categories: Early Learners, Picture-Books, Medical conditions, eczema, Family support · Resilience, Perseverance, Diversity, anti-bullying

Reading Age: 4 to 8 years

RRP: Hardback picture-book, 32 pages, NZ$27.99

Published in NZ by EK Books.

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