Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day, by Nicole Miller, illustrated by Lily Uivel

When Daisy McCray wandered down to the bay, she carried her surfboard, expecting a wave.

But the wind was onshore and the ocean was flat,
so Daisy decided to wait on her mat . . .

Daisy’s eyes are glued to her screen when the tide steals her surfboard. Join the exciting adventure of Daisy McCray’s vibrant surfboard as it scoops up everyday beachgoers and pulls into an epic set of waves!

But, will Daisy McCray look up from her phone before it’s too late?Illustrated by Lily Uivel

Nicole Miller’s second book Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day focuses on the exciting adventure of Daisy McCray’s surfboard as it is swept away from the distracted owner. Much like her first children’s picture book, Celia Seagull and the Plastic Sea, Miller’s latest story is another cleverly written tale with a timely message. The story encourages readers to keep their heads up in the real world so as not to miss out on experiencing real life passions that bring joy their everyday. Miller’s personal voice sings through clearly and she has developed a recognisable style in rhyming verse as well as the special ability to take serious topics and address them lightly.

Complimented by Wellingtonian Lily Uivel’s captivating illustrations and designed by Little Love, Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day will provoke thought and inspire children to be present in their daily adventures.

Categories: Early Learners, Picture-Books, New Zealand Children’s Books

Reading Age: 4 to 10 years

RRP: Paperback picture-book NZ$15.00

Published in NZ by Little Love (Mary Egan Publishing)

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