Weather and Climate New Zealand by Sandra Carrod

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Our complex and changing weather patterns explained in simple text and stunning graphics for readers of all ages

Once in a while there comes a book so informative that its publishers end up thanking the author for all she’s taught them.

Weather and Climate New Zealand is such a book. Drawing on her years as a teacher and navigator, Sandra Carrod takes the windy science of meteorology and makes it a breeze to understand.

Integral to the book’s impact are the dazzling graphics of marine scientist turned graphics whizz Karsten Schneider, alongside imagery from NASA, NIWA and local photographers.

Short, crisply written chapters explore all the key elements of climate — making clear where our islands fit in global patterns, and what influences the weather wherever you live in Aotearoa.

What causes cyclones and tornadoes? How do you decipher a weather chart? And what effects do the oceans have on New Zealand weather?

Answers to these and myriad other topics are set in the context of climate change and the many challenges it presents. After reading this book, reading the weather will become easy.

Weather and Climate New Zealand is the sixth in The NZ Series, simply introducing a range of themes for general and school readers.

Reading Age: 11 years to adult

RRP: Paperback format NZ$29.99

Published in NZ  by Oratia Books.

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