There’s a Moa in the Moonlight by Dawn McMillan

Illustrated by Nikki Slade Robinson
Maori text by Ngaere Roberts

Dawn McMillan and her team bring extinct NZ animals back to life in this beautifully illustrated book written in English and Maori about an inquisitive girl looking out her back window into the garden as night falls when she sees a Moa munching on all the melons.

There’s a Moa in the Moonlight.
He’s in our garden plot.
He’s munching all our melons.
He likes the seeds a lot.

Moa and friends are invading the garden — Huia is hanging out in the hibiscus, Wren is darting around and Adzebill is hunting lizards!

What will Mum say when she sees all these animals in her garden?

An effortless combination of rhyming text and funky illustrations and featuring a spread of animal facts at the back.

Reading Age: 5 to 9 years
RRP: Hardback Picturebook NZ$25.99
Published by Oratia Books

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