The Nature Activity Book: 99 Ideas for Activities in the Natural World of Aotearoa New Zealand by Rachel Haydon, illustrated by Pippa Keel

By Rachel Haydon, illustrated by Pippa Keel

From experiments and observation to conservation and mindfulness, this appealing, activity-packed book stimulates curious minds and encourages children to relate to the natural world around them. Written by an expert museum educator, its beautifully illustrated pages develop budding research skills, awareness of the environment, and understanding of the natural world.

All sorts of learning styles are recognised here, with each activity being open to children who like to draw and those who like to write. The book’s journal-like format and activities that range across the seasons make it a long-term and much treasured companion.

Mātauranga Māori concepts and the themes present in Te Papa’s award-winning Te Taiao | Nature natural history galleries are an integral part of the content.

Reading Age: 7 to 12 years
RRP: Paperback A3 size book NZ$35.00
Published by Te Papa Press New Zealand

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