The Girl with the Red Hair by Buzzy Jackson

The powerful novel based on the astonishing true story of one woman’s fight in WWII

An unputdownable debut charting the thrilling life and heroism of Hannie Schaft, a young-woman-turned-Dutch-Resistance-fighter in Nazi-occupied Netherlands.

Hannie Schaft didn’t train to be a soldier: she had dreams of her own. But dreams die in wartime, and her friends are no longer safe.

Hiding them is not enough. Hannie is young but she won’t stand aside as the menace of Nazi evil tightens its grip on her country. Recruited into the Resistance, she learns to shoot and is notorious for not missing her targets.
As she draws deeper into a web of plots, disguises and assassinations, whispers spread like wildfire amongst enemies and friends alike. They know her name. She’s “the Girl with Red Hair.” A match for any Nazi soldier, a true threat, a target.

Buzzy Jackson’s debut is an unputdownable novel of love, loyalty, and the limits we confront when our deepest values are tested.

Categories: War & combat
Reading Age: Y.A. and Adult
RRP: Paperback NZ$37.00
Published in NZ by Penguin Random House New Zealand

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