The Brilliance of Birds – A New Zealand Birdventureby Skye Wishart and Edin whitehead

New Zealand birds like you’ve never seen them before.

Who knew that the morepork, our forest-dwelling owl, can turn its head 270 degrees? Or that the eastern bar-tailed godwit doubles its body weight before undertaking an epic and continuous migration of 11,000 kilometres? Or that the tui has a specially placed voicebox, enabling it to duet with itself, sometimes producing sounds too high-frequency for humans to hear?

Zany, off-kilter, wondrous and wild, The Brilliance of Birds gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of some of New Zealand’s feathered friends.

Reading age: 10 years to adult.

RRP:  Hardcover NZ$55.00

Published in NZ by Penguin Random House

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