Space Maps by Lara Albanese and Tommaso Vidus Rosin

Your Tour of the Universe

With its large format, bright illustration and simple explanations, Space Maps is an irresistible invitation to outer space. This gorgeous book draws on the latest discoveries of modern astronomy to take children to the farthest reaches of the universe through a mixture of circular maps and flat maps of the Solar System and the galaxies beyond.

The book is organised into five parts, answering key questions:

What do we see with our naked eye?
Where are we in the universe?
What are the other planets like?
What do modern telescopes see?
Where is the sky studied from?

From ancient views of the sky to the International Space Station, Earth to Pluto and Crab Nebulae to space suits, Space Maps has the universe covered.

The information in this book is suitable reading for 8 year olds upwards to adults who know very little about astronomy and wish to learn some basic and up to date facts on this subject that is fascinating to all who look up at the night sky.

Reading age: Most suitable for 8 to 15 years.
Hardback 370 x 270 or almost A3 size NZ$39.99.
Published by Oratia Books – Oratia Media New Zealand

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