SHYLA – The Snowy Brumby by Kelly Wilson with Nina Sutherland

A brand new equestrian series for fans of the bestselling Showtym Adventures!

Can Nina help the Wilson sisters tame a wild Brumby into a child’s dream pony?

All ten-year-old Nina has ever dreamed of is working with ponies. When the renowned horsewoman Kelly Wilson invites her to help tame a wild pony for the Australian Brumby Challenge, Nina has to pinch herself to believe it. She and Shyla swiftly form a close bond, but all the time Nina knows that the little Brumby is destined for auction, and the dream pony she has worked so hard to train will go to another child.

Nina’s wild pony adventure will take her to Australia’s Snowy Mountains and back — but will she get the chance to have a wild Brumby of her own?

From the author of the bestselling Showtym Adventures, this novel is inspired by the Wilson sisters’ exciting true experiences with wild horses.

Categories: Children’s Fiction

Reading Age: 8 to 13 years

RRP: Paperback NZ$18.99

Imprint Puffin, published in NZ by Penguin Random House

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