Lost in the Museum

An exciting, beautifully illustrated book set in the world of museum treasures

A visit to New Zealand’s famous national museum, Te Papa, launches a boy and his whānau on a magical adventure to find Pāpā after he gets lost. He’s gone missing inside one of the museum’s taonga (treasures), but which one? Will they find Pāpā before the museum closes?

Searching with the help of a museum host, the family encounters moa, paddles a vaka, flees war-time Hong Kong and rides the famous Britten Bike. The informative stories, backed by expert research, show how we can make a connection (te hononga) with special objects. This gorgeous picture book is perfect for both reading out loud to younger children and for independent readers.

This richly designed and engaging book provides a deeper understanding of diverse treasures, including objects and specimens from Te Papa’s many collections. It shows that museum treasures aren’t simply objects on display, but living objects with stories that connect us to people and the natural world. Key te reo Māori words and phrases are translated in-text.

Reading Age: 5 to 8 years

RRP: Hardback picture book NZ$29.99

Published in NZ by Te Papa Press

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