Locked Down by Jesse D, illustrations by Toby Morris

Jesse O’s award-winning novel about a deadly pandemic and a family in lockdown, re-released with all new illustrations by Toby Morris.
The deadly influenza pandemic XB276 is sweeping the country. Twelve-year-old Zac wakes up one morning to the news that everyone must stay home.
He can’t leave the house for weeks, or even months. Pretty soon he’s facing running out of food, with no electricity, no telephone and no internet. The only people he can count on are his family and closest neighbours.
As Zac faces each new challenge living under lockdown, he discovers resources he never knew he had – and mysteries begging to be solved.
This prescient and gripping novel about a nation in lockdown was written following the H1N1 global pandemic. It won a Storylines Junior Fiction Award in 2011.

Reading Age: 11 to 16 years

RRP: Paperback NZ$18.99

Published by Penguin Random House New Zealand

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