Eekily Sneakily by Anne Hunter and Dave Gunson

Sometimes we’re silent, sometimes we speak, if we surprise you, you’re sure to say ‘eek’

In this charming children’s book catchy rhyming verse and arresting illustrations accurately capture the characteristics of a range of creatures young children commonly encounter in suburban gardens.

The honey bee, frog, earthworm, stick insect, garden snail, gecko, daddy long legs, spider, cicada, ladybird, praying mantis, cave weta, monarch butterfly and skink are all familiar to young children and the fascinating facts section at the back gives more detailed information about these creatures’ distinctive characteristics, habit and habitat. Dave Gunson’s playful illustrations highlight their unique attributes.

Anne Hunter is a radiographer with a love of nature and exploring outdoors. Her book on New Zealand birds, One Little Fantail, Dave also illustrated.

Dave Gunson is a designer and illustrator who has published more than 80 children’s books including the All about series, and the Read, Colour and Keep series. His work appears regularly in New Zealand Geographic Magazine.

Reading age: 4 to 7 years

RRP: Picture book card-cover NZ$24.99

Published by New Holland Publishers New Zealand

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