Antarctic Journeys by Phillipa Werry

In December 2016, Philippa Werry won a place on Antarctica NZ’s community engagement programme (formerly Artists and Writers to Antarctica). On her return she decided to write a book targeted for 8-14 year old children a bout her captivating experience.

Unlike books on Antarctica that often focus on one aspect such as the race  for the Pole, Antarctic Journeys combines the unique history with the present day and includes the distinctive features and wildlife of Antarctica .

Antarctica is a fascinating place – it has no native inhabitants, and it’s very remote, which means everyone who goes there – today or in the past – has a special reason for wanting to go. It’s a place that children can only imagine, because they cannot go there.

This book is about the journeys that centre around Antarctica, using that theme to build up an overall picture of Antarctic history, geography, science and wildlife. The incredibly challenging and at times fatal early expeditions are described and reveal the immense courage and perseverance needed to map and explore the region.

Image rich, using photographs, maps and paintings, it also draws on letters, diaries, newspaper and eye-witness reports from the days of early exploration, as well as later research and interviews. Other non-fictin features include biographies, maps, a timeline and glossary.

Reading age: 8 to 14 years

RRP: Paperback NZ$24.99

Published by New Holland Publishers New Zealand.

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