Granny McFitter – The Champion Knitter by Heather Haylock, illustrated by Lael Chisholm.

Based on true events, a lively picture book about a sprightly granny who knits warm jumpers for little blue penguins after the oil spill following the wrecking of the Rena, with illustrations by the winner of the Storylines Gavin Bishop Award.

Granny McFlitter’s family have had enough of her knitting; But when a ship runs aground, spilling oil into the sea, a call goes out for small jumpers for the shivery rescued penguins. It’s the moment Granny has been waiting for!

A sparkling environmental story with award-winning illustrations that is sure to warm hearts and feathers.

Reading age: 3 to 6
RRP: Paperback NZ$19.99
Publisher: Puffin Picture Books – Penguin Random House.





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