In News: Pay offer to teachers falls way short.

Competitions: 5 Prize packs just for staff in schools each worth between $275 and $475 in our 15th Birthday Draw.

In the Staffroom Magazine, 30th Anniversary of SmokefreeRockQuest.

Book Picks: The Hunters, NZ's birds of prey, past and present.

War Storm, the 4th and final book in the Red Queen series.

This week we feature suppliers of School Camps and Group Accommodation.

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12th June 2018


12th June 2018 
Pay offer to teachers falls way short. 

Teachers say the Ministry of Education’s pay offer to primary school teachers falls short of what is needed. They have also expressed concern that the focus on improving pay for beginning teachers will not fix the growing teacher shortage.Read More...

More schools receive KidsCan help as winter bites.

Nine more schools will be added to the KidsCan programme this term as the total of primary, intermediate and high schools across New Zealand asking for help continues to grow. Read More...

Water and milk only for this school.

Barrytown School has joined a West Coast commitment to healthy hydration by taking part in a “water and milk only” schools programme.Principal Rachael Whyte volunteered Barrytown School for the pilot programme. Read More...

Kiwi dentists back graphic health warnings on sugary drinks.

The New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) is backing a suggestion of adding graphic images of rotted teeth and health warnings on sugary drinks as way to encourage healthier behaviours. Read More...


Govt plastic bag ban needs to be comprehensive.
Greenpeace is applauding the strong signal from the Associate Environment Minister that she will ban plastic bags later in the year, but warns that if not comprehensive, the ban could fail to fix the problem. Read More...

2018 June releases.
The Hunters by Debbie Stewart.

The Precarious Lives of New Zealand’s Birds of Prey
From an extinct giant eagle and an owl that sounded like the devil, to the morepork we hear calling at night, the falcon that appears on our $20 note and the hawks we see swooping on the grisly remains of dead critters on the road. Read More...

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard.

For fans of THE HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT – the highly anticipated fourth and final book in the international bestselling RED QUEEN series. Read More...

May - June 2018 edition

The Arts – Smokefreerockquest launches 30th anniversary

This year Smokefreerockquest marks its 30th anniversary as the platform that launched many of New Zealand’s biggest musical success stories, including Kimbra, Aaradhna, OpShop, Joel Little, Nadia Reid, Broods, Marlon Williams and Anika Moa...Read More



Health – Hold an Awesome Hair Awareness Day – A fun programme for schools that says goodbye to head lice.

Becky Cashman had enough of receiving just another head lice notice come home in her child’s lunch box. After taking the very bold step of creating a natural head lice product, she got the opportunity to get an even closer look at our culture around head lice. And, it’s not a very nice...Read More



Teaching – Incorporating Culturally Responsive Teaching Experiences into Your Mathematics Classroom

Seeing culturally responsive examples of teaching and curriculum in action is exciting. Children engage enthusiastically when learning experiences connect to their cultures...Read More



Health – How healthy is your canteen or tuckshop?

Many schools are already aware of the important links between food, health, learning and behaviour, and are taking steps to improve their nutrition environment. The canteen or tuckshop is one of the best places to model healthy eating within a school
...Read More


Biology – Large moa did not disperse large seeds – surprise finding

A new study about New Zealand’s extinct moa, involving acid baths and concrete mixers, by researchers from the University of Canterbury and Landcare Research, has revealed a surprising finding about their ability to disperse tree seeds...Read More



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