When Life Sucks by Dr Jo Prendergast

The practical and effective how-to guide to parenting your teen through tough times from an expert psychiatrist and comedian for fans of Maggie Dent, Celia Lashlie and Nigel Latta
by Dr Jo Prendergast

When Life Sucks is an essential guide to supporting your teen’s mental health. As a parent and psychiatrist, Dr Jo knows how hard it can be – especially if a teen communicates only in eye rolls and grunts!

Covering everything from anxiety, depression, trauma and eating difficulties, to understanding neurodivergence and gender identity, this book is a first-aid manual for some of life’s toughest challenges. It’s not easy being a parent in a world of TikTok and bubblegum-flavoured vapes, but When Life Sucks gives you the practical tools to help make your life a little lighter and to support your teen towards a healthy headspace.

Categories: Self-Help, Psychology, Mental Health. Family and Relationships, Parenting.

Reading Age: Adult

RRP: Paperback  NZ$37.99

Published by HarperCollins Publishers NZ.

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