Two Rabbits by Larissa Fenchuck and Prue Pittock

In Two Rabbits, Little Brown Rabbit and Little Grey Rabbit have had an argument. As they go their separate ways into the night, the wind whispers around them to remind them of their sharp words. Will they be able to come back together and find a way to save their friendship?

The story portrays the physical and emotional journey of two best friends as they experience feelings of anger, sadness and loneliness. Young readers will learn that friendship can overcome differences and disagreements.

Attend the launch!

Join illustrator Prue Pittock at Burnside Library on 24/2/24 and celebrate the release of Two Rabbits – there’ll even be real bunnies to pet!

Teacher Notes

Categories: Early Learners, Picture-Books, New Zealand Children’s Books, Empathy and Kindness, Friendship.

Reading Age: 4 to 8 years

RRP: Hardback picture-book NZ$27.99

Exisle Publishers and published in NZ by EK Books

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