The Little French Village of Book Lovers by Nina George

From the author of the international bestselling THE LITTLE PARIS BOOKSHOP comes a return to Monsieur Perdu’s beloved books

In a small town in balmy Provence, a dazzling encounter with Love itself changes the life of orphan Marie-Jeanne forever.

As a girl, Marie-Jeanne realizes that she can see the marks Love has left on the people around her – tiny glowing lights on their faces and hands that shimmer more brightly when the one meant for them is near. Before long, Marie-Jeanne is playing matchmaker in her village.

As she grows up, Marie-Jeanne helps her foster father, Francis, set up a mobile library that travels through the many small mountain towns in the region of Nyons. Their library will offer entertainment, guidance, reassurance and comfort – balm for the heartbroken and lonely. Marie-Jeanne soon finds herself bringing soulmates together everywhere they go, with books always playing an essential part in her quest.
However, the only person that Marie-Jeanne can’t seem to find a partner for is herself. She has no glow of her own, though she waits and waits for it to appear. Everyone must have a soulmate, surely – but will Marie-Jeanne be able to recognize hers when Love finally comes her way?
From the author of million-copy bestseller The Little Paris Bookshop comes a tender story about how a love of books is a love of life itself.

Categories: Contemporary Fiction.

Reading Age: 16 years upwards

RRP: Paperback NZ$37.00

Imprint Michael Joseph published in NZ by Penguin Random House New Zealand 

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