My Bum’s on THE RUN! by Dawn McMillan; illustrated by Ross Kinnaird

Red Pants Boy (RPB) really, really wants to win a running race. But try as he might, his bum is slowing him down. What can he do?

Find something to move his bum along, of course! Maybe a kite, or a rocket blast, or a big engine? Nah, he figures he needs some bum-strengthening exercises — some squats, kicks, steps and lunges.

And while he’s working out, a whole lot of other folk join him. After some training he’s off — on a cross-country race near home.

Think he’s set up to win? There’s a twist to this tale, involving his wee dog friend, in one of the funniest and surely the fastest of the New Bum series!

Categories: Early reading and simple rhyming

Reading Age: 3 to 7 years

RRP: Paperback Picture-book format NZ$19.99

Published in NZ by Oratia Books

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