From the Pilot’s Seat by Fletcher McKenzie

Enthralling tales from New Zealand pilots – both men and women – who fly a variety of aircraft around the world in a range of situations, from the domestic to the heart-stopping.

Aviation safety expert and keen pilot Fletcher McKenzie has interviewed 23 Kiwi pilots who have worked around the world and are record-breakers of different kinds. Put yourself in the pilot seat and experience the intense thrills, the pleasures and the near misses of lifetimes spent in the air!
The pilots represent a range of flying eras, aircraft and experiences – from the Second World War to the present day, from one of the original Dambusters to flying Richard Branson’s private jet. Stories involve gliders, fighter jets, private aircraft, top-dressing planes, helicopters and many military aircraft, including the famous F-18 from Top Gun.

Categories: True Stories plus Transport and Transport technology.

Reading Age: 13 years to Adult
RRP: Paperback NZ$40
Published in NZ  Penguin Random House New Zealand 

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