Bite Back by Genevieve Mora

A compassionate guide to navigating eating disorders, for those experiencing them and their loved ones, from someone who has been there.

‘If you’d asked me at 10 what my plans were for the next few years, fighting an eating disorder would not have made the list.’

Gen’s early teenage years were the hardest of her life. Struggling with anorexia and poor mental health, she spent time in and out of hospitals and clinics, which also had a huge impact on her family.
But with treatment and support, Gen was able to turn her life around, changing her behaviours and attitude toward food and her body. As well as sharing the insights from Gen’s own lived experience and challenging stereotypes around eating disorders, Bite Back includes:

· Practical tips and activities from Gen and her team that helped with recovery
· Answers to frequently asked questions about the cause and treatment of eating disorders
· Advice on how you can support a loved one going through it.

‘I hope my story helps you feel seen, that it inspires you and is a reminder that there is a beautiful life waiting for you. Keep fighting.’

Categories: Non-Fiction, Family and Health

Reading Age: Young Adult to Adult

RRP: Paperback NZ$38.00

Published in NZ by Penguin Random House New Zealand 

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