Vikings of the Sunrise by Te Rangi Hīroa (Sir Peter Buck)

Foreword by Paora Tapsell

Vikings of the Sunrise ranks as a masterpiece of Pacific studies. From the pen of one of the greatest Māori thinkers and writers of his generation, the settlement of the Pacific Ocean comes to life.

The book ranges across the Pacific Ocean and the people who populated it, considering their physical and spiritual origins, and the ships they built to conquer this vast territory. It weighs evidence for different routes, retells myths of migration including the Māui series, recounts the author’s visits to islands and atolls across the South Pacific, and overall establishes the ‘vikings’ of the Pacific among the greatestever ocean voyagers.

First published in 1938, Vikings of the Sunrise is here reproduced in an enhanced facsimile edition, including photos and maps compiled by the author on his voyages, and a new foreword by anthropologist Paora (Paul) Tapsell. Oratia Books is pleased to bring Vikings of the Sunrise back into print for modern readers as part of our NZ Classics series.

Categories: History, Māori
Tags: anthropology, Māori, NZ Classics, Pacific people, Pacific studies, Paora Tapsell, Polynesia, Polynesian voyaging, Sir Peter Buck, Te Rangi Hīroa, Vikings of the Sunrise

Categories: History, Māori, NZ Classics, Polynesia and Polynesian voyaging, Pacific people and studies.

Reading Age: 11 years to Adult
RRP: Paperback NZ$49.99
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