Wildboy – The boy who walked around New Zealand By Brando Yelavich, Donella Yelavich

Written for children, this is the true adventure of teenager Brando Yelavich, aka ‘Wildboy’, who walked 8000km around the coastline of New Zealand and changed his life for the better.

Brando Yelavich, also known as Wildboy, slept in a tent, hunted and fished for his food and came up close to seals and sharks on his 8000 km journey around the coast of New Zealand. His epic story will capture the imagination of any kid who, like Brando, longs for adventure in the great outdoors.

Throughout the book readers will fall in love with the amazing scenery and enjoy spotting the New Zealand wildlife. And they’ll have loads of fun finding the compass hidden on every page!

Reading age 3 to 7 years

RRP Card Cover Picture Book $19.99.

Published by Puffin – Penguin Random House New Zealand

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