The NZ Series – Pioneer Women edited by Sarah Ell

Book Themes: Social Science and NZ History.

Get ready for a new take on New Zealand society, history and geography in one of the first two books in The NZ Series, a snappily designed and fact-packed collection for intermediate and high-school age readers.

This fascinating collection of writings and reflections by some of the pioneer women who came to New Zealand in the nineteenth century reveals the challenges they faced and overcame when they arrived in their new country.

Pioneer Women presents extracts from diaries and letters by women who emigrated to New Zealand from Europe in the nineteenth century. These tales of hardship and happiness are accompanied by portraits, newspaper clippings, and markers like the Women’s Suffrage Petition, creating an easily digested record of these adventurous pioneers.

Reading Age: 11 years to young adult

RRP: Glossy card cover NZ$29.99

Published by Oratia Books – Oratia Media Limited.

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