Middle School: Born to Rock

The 11th Middle School book by James Patterson

Rafe Khatchadorian’s hilarious little sister, Georgia, is back for another rollicking adventure in a brand new Middle School book by James Patterson.

It’s not easy being Rafe Khatchadorian’s sister. He’s got quite a reputation around school, and Georgia’s got it hard enough as is! With a super-secret crush on her classmate Sam Marks, a Rube Goldberg machine challenge to dominate, and constant confrontations with vicious Missy Trillin and her evil Princess Patrol to look forward to, Georgia can’t help but throw all her energy into the one thing that makes her happy: her kick-butt, all-girl rock band, We Stink!

When Georgia’s favourite rock band, Lulu and the Handbags, advertise a major music competition where the winner gets to jam with Lulu herself, Georgia will pull all the stops to make sure We Stink wins – even if it means asking her annoying older brother, Rafe, for help! Will his crazy ideas work, or land her in serious trouble?

Reading Age: 9 to 13 years

RRP: Paperback NZ$18.99

Imprint: Young Arrow, published in NZ by Penguin Random House New Zealand

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