Merchants of Truth by Jill Abramson

Inside the News Revolution. Whoever controls the news, controls the truth. Written by a former editor of the New York Times this is a must read for all students interested in entering the media industry as a career and for their teachers.

Journalism is the last bastion of democracy. By revealing the truth, it holds the powerful to account. As editor of The New York Times, Jill Abramson had the most powerful job in newspaper journalism – and the scoop on the biggest story of all: the battle royale between the venerable, august icons of print media, renowned for their deep reporting and rigid principles, and the radical upstarts, such as VICE and Buzzfeed, whose head-turning free content was decimating their readership and bringing them to their knees.

In telling the story of this fight to the death and bringing us face-to-face with its ferociously committed protagonists on both sides, Abramson exposes the consequences of this media revolution for the factual bedrock of our society and the intimidating challenges we now face. She shows that good journalism is hard, and the cost of news is high. Now, we are all paying the price.

Reading Age 16 years to adult.

RRP:  Paperback NZ$38.00

Published in NZ by Penguin Random House New Zealand.

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