Hello Strange by Pamela Morrow

An entertaining young-adult novel, starring a humanoid!

A vivid, fast-paced novel about artificial emotional intelligence.

Since the death of their mother, Hunter, Milly and Coel have come unstuck. Their father isn’t coping either, even though he’s the successful head of BIOlogic and is developing a humanoid to enhance human lives.

He brings home Josie, the latest prototype, hoping she might restore the family’s happiness. But Josie took a blast during an epic electrical storm and her system is unstable.

Meanwhile, Professor Bishop and his mysterious student Gwin Tang have their own ominous plans for Josie . . .

Reading Age: 14 to 19 years
Price: Available from Penguin NZ online in paperback NZ$19.99 and as an ebook.
Published by Penguin Random House New Zealand.

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