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Vacuum Cleaners


NZ's Lightest Vacuum Cleaner

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The Shimono Vacuum Cleaner is supplied to homes throughout New Zealand by the team at Wealth Trading based in Christchurch. We are so proud of our product that we demonstrate at shopping malls around the country just how stress-free, light-weight and durable, with powerful suction, the high quality, bag-less Shimono Vacuum Cleaner is to use.

Eco friendly and compact for easy storage each Shimono Vacuum Cleaner is sold with attachments for cleaning upholstery and curtains, computer equipment, heat-pump filters, ranch-sliders - no scratching, hard to get at corners in cars, in fact every crevice from floor to ceiling in your home, office, school and vehicles.
2 million have already been sold Worldwide.

P: 03 390 9898


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