Lifestyle: Streaming preferred TV choice for third of women

It’s women (36%) rather than men (25%) leading the ‘streaming revolution’.

It’s been little more than two years since TV streaming services arrived in New Zealand but already 31% of Kiwis say this is their main viewing.

The latest Canstar Blue survey also confirmed it’s women (36%) rather than men (25%) leading the “streaming revolution”.

Canstar Blue spokesperson, Emma Quantrill said: “We lead busy on-the-go lives and different people have different timetables, different tastes and different ways of doing things. It’s no surprise, we don’t want to fit around TV, we want TV to fit around us.

“Better and faster internet access as well as the ability to watch services on a TV, tablet or simply a phone, have boosted the popularity of streaming services in New Zealand. Competitive pricing and a choice of providers also means that streaming offers many people the opportunity to view the latest shows without having to subscribe to standard packages such as Sky, which are widely considered a more expensive and less flexible alternative.”

Such is the popularity of streaming services some of the biggest TV hits in recent years have been accessible exclusively through a streaming providers such as Netflix, so subscribing to a service can result in a wider choice of viewing. It’s no surprise that the popularity of the services continues to rise.

The survey also revealed that three out of five Baby Boomers will watch recorded or view on demand TV in order to fast forward through adverts.

Quantrill said: “It’s obvious that TV is a big part of our lives and streaming services don’t tie us to our televisions to view our favourite shows. Saying that, a third of us have three or more TVs in our homes so it looks like the big-screen experience is what we still prefer.”