Catch Me When You Fall by Eileen Merriman

Author: Merriman, Eileen

A moving novel about learning to find happiness in the face of uncertainty and discovering a love that transcends the boundary between life and death.

Seventeen-year-old Alex Byrd is about to have the worst day of her life, and the best. A routine blood test that will reveal her leukaemia has returned, but she also meets Jamie Orange.

Some people believe in love at first sight, and some don’t.
I believe in love in four days.
I believe in falling.
Both teenagers have big dreams, but also big obstacles to overcome.
‘Promise me you won’t try to die,’ I said. ‘Ever.’
‘Promise me you won’t either,’ he countered.
‘It’s not really something I can control.’
The author is works as a full-time consultant haematologist at North Shore Hospital.

Reading age: 15 to 20 years.
RRP: Paperback NZ$19.99
Publisher: Penguin Random House New Zealand

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